Privacy Policy

Welcome to our blog it is a fact that if you have owned business you must have some privacy policies. Users who visit our website as per government law we are collecting their some information from browsers like visitor time, browser name and some others.


Like other mostly websites teatvapkyard is also using cookies that will collect your information including visitor preferences. The information we will take only to search engine optimization of our website that will rank our keyword in google according to that information.

We are also using google double click dart cookies to serve ads for our visitors for the information. It will according to google policy that will not hurt any type of your privacy.

Log Files

Tea TV apk yard is using a basic procedure of using log files. Whenever visitor visit this website these files will log. All of the hosting companies are doing this procedure on all the world websites so we are doing the same it is not any type of additional thing. These logs will collect your ISP information, date of the visitor entering, referring page, exit page and number of clicks generating from different pages.

Children Protection

It is also included in our policy term to get protection from the child. If you child is less than 13 years old we want him to come to our website because internet is very harmful for the kids under that age. We don’t know perhaps your kid is elder than 13 or not its now your responsibility control over you kid we will not responsible for any kind of act thanks.