How To Install TeaTV On Android TV Box

How To Install Teatv on android device
TeaTV apk is one of the most famous application that is hosting a lot of television shows in free of cost. This app is pirated app, which is hosting many other organization shows in free of cost. They are showing UFC, WWE, Netflix shows, ESPN and many other TV shows in free of cost.

CNBC news also reported there news that this streaming app is pirating many show you can watch the article by clicking it. Actually they are doing one wrong thing that giving some one content in free of cost, but their service is amazing I had used that application.

The reason behind that removal of that app from play-store is that they were leaking other organization shows on their application. Now this application is not available on any app store, but still you can download this from many other websites.

Actually TeaTV shut downs their server here you can see the source, but now it is running again it was shut down some days ago. Now it is running again you can watch unlimited programs according to your desire in free of cost.

How To Play TeaTV On Android TV

  1. First of all you need to install app named as ES file explorer.
  2. After, installation open ES file explorer and go to tools and click on download manager. You will get a new option at the bottom of screen click that.
  3. Now es explorer will give you an option to download the file you want to download. Put this URL in the path below as shown in the picture and click on download.
  4. It will now give you option to install the application on teaTVĀ  so now click on install button and install the app.
  5. Now close the ES explorer and go back to your home screen and launch the teaTV app.
  6. If it is not launching please connect vpn and choose the country on which it will connect easily.

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Is TeaTV Safe?

Actually this application is safe in some countries where ISP don’t tracking their users activities like using of pirated content on the internet. While, if your country has laws where you cannot use pirated stuff. Then it is not safe, but still you have one way you can use vpn to hide the identity of your IP from your ISP.

Actually vpns hide your IP from your ISP by just pressing one mouse button it will also help you open website that is blocked by your ISP.

Advantages OF VPN

  • It will secure you from the eyes of hackers and give you complete security. A normal hacker will not be able to get your personal online data because of your VPN.
  • It will block all remote hacking access from the internet that hackers use to hack your documents.
  • Online anatomy that means you can use applications that blocked you in various ways.
  • You can play online games with vpn in which you are banned by administrators.
  • It will secure your bandwidth from the providers of your internet in a great way.

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